from Australia...

University of Melbourne

As customers, we could not have asked for more, when dealing with Cetacean Research Technology!

The product itself fulfils all of our expectations. We ordered the C54XRS hydrophone, together with the DAQ3000, from Cetacean Research Technology, for extensive sound recordings in the waters off Australia's south coast. In the field the above mentioned hydrophone it is tough and durable and has never failed us, not even in the worst of conditions of the Southern Ocean. Once the software is installed on the computer the system is easy to operate and thanks to its size and simple setup quickly at hand to record. The C54XRS satisfies all our needs in terms of coverage of frequency range and volume level, and together with the appropriate software, data analysis is far from being complicated, even if you are not an engineer.

But the greatest advantage of ordering from Cetacean Research Technology is the customer support. It is simply amazing. Every question we had has been answered immediately and at length by the always friendly CRT staff, no matter how seemingly profane the questions. CRT even took the time for an almost two hour phone conversation to fine tune our equipment. Without this, we would have been stranded in the bizarre world of the physics of sound more than once.

As a laboratory group we are very happy with both products and support provided by Cetacean Research Technology and will continue to work together with them in the future.

Christian Jung, PhD candidate