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photo of Cetacean Research™ C57 hydrophone

In Production: Available for Purchase

The Cetacean Research C57 is in production and available for purchase.

The C57 hydrophone is an extra rugged version of our popular C55 with a shape that allows it to be towed behind a boat with less flow noise... more

photo of Cetacean Research™ C305 Hydrophone

The Cetacean Research C305 is available for purchase. These research hydrophones have a directional receive pattern with a very wide frequency response more

photo of nRUDAR-mk2

New & ImprovedRUDAR™models


Cetacean Research nRUDAR-mk2™(nano Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder); a hand-held, ultra compact, short-term, autonomous recording device designed for a wide range of applications. Uses range from manual underwater recording while diving to autonomously recording wild cetacean vocalizations during the night... more


Cetacean Research µRUDAR-mk2™(micro Remote Underwater Digital Acoustic Recorder); a very compact, short-term, autonomous recording device that is designed for fast and easy deployment in a wide range of applications. Uses range from remote detection of methane bubbles to recording wild cetacean vocalizations during the night... more

Spectra DAQ2-200



The SpectraDAQ-200 USB interface is a custom designed precision data acquisition sound card which allows SpectraPLUS software to function at it's full potential. The SpectraDAQ-200 is included with the Cetacean Research CR1-200-SP and is also sold separately.

photo of Cetacean Research Technology hydrophone cage

second model now available

Hydrophone Cages

Protect your C305,C57, C55, C56, C75, CR1, SQ26-08, or SQ26-H1B hydrophone with a Cetacean Research Technology Hydrophone Cage for protection, flow noise reduction - two models now available - the original, which fits models such as the C57, and a new compact version to fit models such as the CR1 series hydrophones. This rugged device is made from super strong polyurethane, which has similar acoustic properties to more

the Acousonde 3B marine acoustic recording tag for cetaceans

Acousonde™ 3B

Cetacean Research Technology is the international distributor for the Acoustimetrics Acousonde™ 3B, a marine acoustic recording tag designed specifically for application as a cetacean tag more

Earthworks M30BX high definition microphone

Earthworks M30BX

Earthworks M30BX - High Definition Measurement Microphone w/built-in battery powered preamp - Omnidirectional - 5Hz to 30kHz +1/-3dB. Excellent for recording high quality sounds and for measuring air-borne SPL. Works great for recording air-borne sounds from marine mammals and for making in-air sound pressure measurements.

Cetacean Research Technology is an authorized dealer for all Earthworks high quality products.

TASCAM DR-100 handheld recorder


TASCAM DR-100mkIII is TASCAM's top of the line handheld digital recorder more

photo of TASCAM portable recorders


(replaces the Edirol R44 4-channel portable recorder)
TASCAM DR-680mkII 6-Channel Portable Recorder: records 6 channels at 24-bit/96kHz and 2 channels at 24-bit/192kHz sample rate. Records directly to a SDHC / SD memory card more


TASCAM HS-P82 8-Channel Portable Recorder: 8 tracks of the highest quality recording; designed for the rigors of field recording with reliable solid-state performance. Great for high frequency hydrophone array data collection. Record at up to 4 channels of 24-bit/192kHz sample rate (4 channels of approx. 90kHz bandwidth recording more

SQ26-H1 hydrophone system


The versatile, portable SQ26-H1 underwater recording system is the most compact underwater recording system that exists.

The system includes a Sensor Technology SQ26-08 hydrophone; the Zoom H1n solid state digital recorder; an 16GB microSD flash memory card; a 12V USB power adapter to power the Zoom H1n from your boat's battery; a high fidelity mini waterproof speaker; and a waterproof case with custom anti-static foam to protect the system.

One of the cool things about this underwater recording system is that the hydrophone is powered by the Zoom H1's plug-in power microphone jack. more