Hydrophone Systems for
Commercial Whale Watching

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Cetacean Research Technology produces a selection of hydrophone systems that we routinely suggest for commercial whale watching operations. These hydrophone systems are easy to operate and provide superior audio quality, so your passengers will be able hear all the sounds whales, dolphins, and porpoises produce within the human hearing range.

photo of the SQ26-H1 hydrophone system

SQ26-H1 hydrophone system

The portable SQ26-H1 is the most compact underwater recording system that exists. This system was originally designed for recreational use, but many new commercial whale watching companies, or those on a low budget, like it for its low cost more

photo of the CR1-UDP hydrophone system

CR1-UDP hydrophone system

Due to its rugged construction and clear audio quality, the  Cetacean Research  CR1-UDP is the recommended hydrophone system for commercial whale watching operators who have a sound system with an auxiliary input on their vessel (if not, we can provide a portable amplified speaker for you). The system includes the excellent, multi-purpose Cetacean Research CR1 hydrophone; and the USB Dual Pre, a full-featured, high quality dual portable preamplifier and computer interface more

photo of the C57-PAS hydrophone system

C57-PAS hydrophone system

For those who want the very best hydrophone system for whale watching, the C57-PAS is the system used by National Geographic Explorer / Lindblad Expeditions more