from Vancouver, Canada...
Sea lion mistakes C55 hydrophone for appetizer, both survive

Sea Lion Stomach Survival Testimonial


One of the two C55 hydrophones we bought from you in March was sucked out of its cavity in the side of one of the marine mammal habitats this summer by a female Steller sea lion--and eaten!

Routine x-rays a month later showed that it was still in her stomach (along with a lens cap and a few other items).

When our veterinarian retrieved it, it had a fishy odor and the contacts were slightly tarnished, but otherwise it was none the worse for wear.

I washed it, buffed the contacts a little with toothpaste and plugged it in---and it worked perfectly!

Not bad after four weeks in stomach acid!


Lance Barrett-Lennard, PhD
Head, Cetacean Research Program
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre