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Cetacean Research Technology

Instrumentation for Underwater sound and Bioacoustics

New !

The Cetacean Research C57 hydrophone is in production and it sounds fantastic! The C57 is an extra rugged version of our very popular C55 hydrophone.

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DAQ 200spectrogram of a recording of Springer (A73)

Cetacean Research™ C305 hydrophones

Cetacean Research C305 models have a wide frequency response for monitoring ultrasonic signals not detectable by competing brands.

SQ26-H1 compact portable hydrophone system

SQ26-H1 underwater recording system - the most compact system that exists!  specs


micro RUDAR mk2

New !

C56 modular hydrophones are designed to connect to up to five other C56 hydrophones on a single cable to form an easy-to-use array specs

Cetacean Research™ CR3 hyrophone

Omnidirectional hydrophones! Both the Cetacean Research CR3 hydrophone and the C75 preamplified hydrophone are omnidirectional.


It is our company policy that we will not sell hydrophones nor any of our other products to facilities that keep orcas (killer whales) captive for entertainment purposes.

CR1A hydrophone

The Cetacean Research CR1A series hydrophones are an excellent multi-purpose non-preamplified hydrophone - great for the detection and recording of both very loud signals and the quieter sounds of more

People who switch to our Cetacean Research hydrophone systems say: "Oh.   My.   The sounds!   The all of it!   Amazing.

Kudos & Sample Sounds

The Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove, winner of multiple international awards and featuring Cetacean Research hydrophones, is available on DVD. You can also stream it On Demand right now! View the Trailer here

poster for The Cove movie

Free Fun Family Friendly Science Activity

Join ACS Puget Sound for their monthly speaker series meeting. Lynne Barre from NOAA Fisheries, West Coast Regional Office, will talk about "Southern Resident Killer Whales: An Update on NOAA's Species in the Spotlight".

Wednesday June 15th at 7:30 pm in Seattle's Phinney neighborhood.

For more info about the upcoming meeting and the ACS PS Speaker Series see:

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Cetacean Research™ CR1A hydrophone Cetacean Research CR1A Hydrophone
ST219-DAQ SpectraDAQ-200 calibrated USB Computer Interface
SpectaPLUS spectrogram of juvenile orca vocalizations SpectraPLUS signal analysis software provides real time, recording/ playback, post processing, and a wide selection of tools - more