the tale of the whale and the duck
or how the Acousonde™ 3B helped solve a fifty year old mystery

photo of Acousonde hydrophones

For roughly fifty years scientists have wondered about the origin of mysterious duck-like sounds which occur seasonally in the ocean around Antarctica. They named this 'bio-duck' sound.

Turns out it has been whales quaking away down there - the Antarctic minke whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) to be precise, and, drum roll please.... the Acousonde™ 3B assisted with the identification.

It's a great story! Congratulations to Denise Rische and her coauthors for the solution.

Cetacean Research Technology is the distributor for the Acoustimetrics Acousonde™ 3A and the Acousonde™ 3B. In addition, we were part of the team that designed the prototype of the Acousonde™ 3B.

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