SS03-10 Sea-Phone Hydrophone

The SS03-10 Sea-Phone has been replaced by the SQ26-H1B hydrophone.

SS03-10 Sea-Phone hydrophone with cable

The following is retained for reference.

The SS03-10 Sea-Phone is a general purpose hydrophone ideal for whale watching and full audio-band signal detection. It can also be used as a contact microphone or low cost geophone. The Sea-Phone is a great kayaking hydrophone and a wonderful recreational boating accessory. As mentioned in the new gear section of the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of Paddler magazine, the SS03-10 Sea-Phone "opens up the world beneath your hull."

  • Cetacean Research™ C10 hydrophone
  • Cetacean Research™ C10 hydrophone and cable

SS03-10 hydrophone specifications
Frequency Range [kHz] 0.020 to 50
Transducer Sensitivity* [dB, re 1V/µPa] -194
Preamplifier Gain [dB] 25
Effective Sensitivity* [dB, re 1V/µPa] -169
SPL Equiv. Self Noise at 1kHz [dB, re 1µPa/√Hz] 57
Power Requirement [Vdc] 9
RMS Overload Acoustic Pressure [dB, re 1µPa] 147 to 154
Maximum Operating Depth [m] 100
Operating Temperature Range [°C] -25 to 60
Dimensions [mm] 70 L x 32 dia.
Shielded Cable Length [m]
cable includes 1/4" stereo phone plug
10 or 30
Directionality omnidirectional below 10kHz

*  Transducer Sensitivity + Preamplifier Gain = Effective Sensitivity.


  • Kayaking
  • Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Environmental science & research
  • Educational outreach programs

Cetacean Research Technology has been offering kayaking hydrophones since 1994. We were the first underwater recording specialists to offer kayaking hydrophones at that time, and the SS03-10 continued our long tradition of offering you excellent underwater sound devices to enhance your kayaking experience.

Battery / Connector box

Conformally coated circuit board. Water resistant electronics. Standard signal connection for the Sea-Phone SS03-10 hydrophone is through a 3.5mm stereo phone jack. The hydrophones are powered by a single 9V battery (not included).

Signal Output 3.5mm stereo phone jack
Battery Life [hours] 18
Adjustable Gain 0 - 30 dB
Amplifier Console / Power Box Dimensions [cm] 12.2 long x 6.6 wide x 2.8 high