Cetacean Research C57-1400ENV
Noise Measurement Hydrophone System

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C57-ST1400ENV hydrophone system

The Cetacean Research C57-ST1400ENV hydrophone system has been discontinued. Its' immediate replacement is the C75-200-SP. Also see other noise measurement hydrophone systems.

The following is being retained for reference. The Cetacean Research C57-ST1400ENV noise measurement system is the first and only portable, self-contained system designed specifically to record underwater sounds while simultaneously monitoring and logging sound pressure levels and other sound level parameters.

In addition to standard sound level monitoring and recording, the ST1400ENV can be configured to provide time-domain and 1/3 octave analysis, as well as ultrasonic and multi-channel processing. Because this system can withstand large signals without overloading, it is ideal for measuring very loud noises such as those produced by pile drivers, air guns, low-frequency and mid-range sonar, and explosives.

The ST1400ENV came with a NIST certified calibration.

The system included...


C57 hydrophoneST1400-ENV

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