Custom suction cup attachment system

Cetacean Research Technology has designed and built custom suction cup attachment systems and flotation/recovery systems for acoustic data loggers used on whales, such as the Bioacoustic Probe invented by Dr. Bill Burgess of Acoustimetrics.

Acoustimetrics Bioacoustic Probe being deployed

Acoustimetrics Bioacoustic Probe being deployed with a custom suction cup attachment system and custom underwater pressure housing designed and built by Cetacean Research Technology

update: the B-Probe was replaced by the Acousonde™ 3A marine acoustic recording tag in 2009. The dedicated marine mammal version, the Acousonde™ 3B was released in 2011. In 2014 the 3B assisted with the discovery of the source of mysterious 'bio-duck' sounds in the ocean around Antarctica - read narrative.

Cetacean Research Technology is the international distributor for the Acousonde™ 3A and Acousonde™ 3B - more