B-Probe prototype housing

Customized underwater pressure housing and a custom suction cup attachment system were designed and built for the B-Probe by Cetacean Research Technology.

photo of custom underwater pressure housing designed and built by Cetacean Research Technology for Dr. Bill Burgess's b-probe

B-Probe prototype custom underwater pressure housing
designed/built by Cetacean Research Technology

view B-probe deployment, using a custom suction cup attachment system (also designed by Cetacean Research Technology).

update: the B-Probe was replaced by the Acousonde™ 3A marine acoustic recording tag in 2009. The dedicated marine mammal version, the Acousonde™ 3B was released in 2011. In 2014 the 3B assisted with the discovery of the source of mysterious 'bio-duck' sounds in the ocean around Antarctica - read narrative.

Cetacean Research Technology is the international distributor for the Acousonde™ 3A and Acousonde™ 3B - more