Cetacean Research Technology offers research and engineering support services.

In addition to our line of hydrophones and analysis tools, we provide consulting in the areas of acoustical analysis, audio systems integration, and marine systems design.

  • We have provided our acoustical analysis expertise for a wide range of customer interests ranging from whale sounds to acoustic fish bait to flow noise in underwater pipes.
  • We have designed and built custom suction cup attachment systems and flotation/recovery systems for acoustic data loggers used on whales, such as the Bioacoustic Probe invented by Dr. Bill Burgess of Acoustimetrics.
  • Customized pressure housings for your unique instrumentation are one of our specialties.
  • And of course we customize hydrophones, such as the CR1-P.

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Acoustimetrics Bioacoustic Probe being deployed - click for more

Acoustimetrics Bioacoustic Probe being deployed
(we designed and built the suction cup attachment system and the flotation/recovery system)

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